Augury Square is for

A thirty-acre, blockchain-backed, mixed-use development for technology tastemakers, innovative enthusiasts, and enterprise-leading experts.

Enabling Ability. Providing Possibility.

The environment of innovation for business, life, work, and play

A place unlike anywhere you've built before...

Augury Square is a tokenized, mixed-use real estate development, 30 acres in size with shared workspaces, offices, retail, park, and residential use, providing state of the art technologies including Blockchain, IOT and AI for the community of entrepreneurs, developers, enthusiasts and users to apply and build in a seamlessly integrated lifestyle.
The environment for innovators

Augury Square is a community where innovators collaborate and connect solutions that matter to the masses. A next-generation business hub and incubator that accelerates ideas into existence. Augury Square automates all of the day to day tasks and todos allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Collaborative at the core

Environments are only as amazing as the individuals inside them. Individuals of Augury Square encompass a wide array of unique qualities. They understand that great products start with people, more than just top-tier professionals, a diverse assortment of innovative minds enabling amazing ideas to impact everyone together.


Unleash the full potential of people through an interactive approach to living, working, and technology.

Human centered innovation relevant to your lifestyle

Innovation isn’t only for enterprise. It’s for people too. A human-centered approach to lifestyle makes for a truly unforgettable living experience, making every day amazing for you and your peers. Augury Square accelerates you to achieve your goals, making your neighborhood a launchpad for your life.


Augury Square is about collaborating through a culture, complimentary to your skillset, interest, and expertise connected by a community of doers.


Augury Square aims to bring individuals full circle. From personal to professional, providing the catalyst for innovative minds to make most out of life every step of the way.

Economics of interacting

Augury encourages interacting with individuals and collaborating with people in the community. Our tokenized environment allows you to redeem value relevant to you for communicating, connecting and collaborating. Spend your tokens on business, work, life or play.

The testing ground for future

Ideas are great, but when do they become real? When you make them. Augury Square equips innovators, doers, and makers of all kinds with amenities they need to get stuff done. Making the ability to build, operate and test all kinds of innovation. Our futuristic sandbox approach allows you to pilot your project turning dreams into deliverables.

At the forefront of:





Management and Operations

Our hand-picked industry experts and seasoned entrepeneurs

Jae Kim

Founder and President

Suresh Sharma

CoFounder and CEO

Don Chambers

Chief Innovation Officer

Blake Jackovitch

Director - Creativity

David Gamero

Director - Technology & Blockchain


Our strategic partners with track records of success

Pietro Doran

CEO Hancom/DreamTec

Dr. Gab Sung Kim

Yonsei University (S. Korea)


Gen. Thomas Schwartz (Ret.)

Global Strategy

Steven Rothschild

Tax Credits, Real Estate Fund Advisor

Brent Reid

Building Construction

Diego Gutierrez

Blockchain Technology

Aniket Maindarkar

Operations Advisor

Industry Experts

World-class experts with deep domain expertise

Jorden Woods

Enterprise Blockchain

Radhika Iyengar-emens

Blockchain Policy